A wish list

I’m the type of person who hates giving a wish list – when it comes to occasions, I love being surprised with something thoughtful. That’s not to say I don’t have a wish list, though. And herein lies a problem – I love to be surprised, but with things I want. Is it so much to ask that my loved ones figure out what that is without me having to come right out and ask? I promise, I’m not as self centred as I sound. Which is half the reason that I want to share my wish list here, rather than straight out handing it to people. It’s materialistic, but a girl can dream, right?

  • So there’s these wedges by Elk. I lust after them every time I walk past the local Elk stockist, where they calling to me from the window display.

I would gratefully accept pretty much any pair of Elk shoes in fact, or just about any Elk product at all. Even those sandals marked down to $70 (from $135! Gotta spend money to save money!). I would also gratefully accept just about any item from Nancybird.

  • While I’m on the shoes theme, Wittner.
  • Next come the cookbooks. You could say I’m just a little obsessed. Top of the list is My New Roots, my inspiration from day one, the reason I got so into blogs in the first place! It’s on preorder now, but I’m so, very, happy, to wait.
  • A copy of Amy Chaplin’s ‘At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen’ would also go down a treat. The title alone just makes me want to immerse myself in the pages!
  • I’m really keen to get into some Ottolenghi – I feel like ‘Plenty’ and the very recent ‘Plenty More’ would be a wonderful start!
  • Ok, yes, that’s enough recipes to last me a loooong time, but I my list wouldn’t be complete without Green Kitchen Stories. I’ve had a flick though these in the flesh and they are really, really beautiful. One of each, thanks.

To be honest, that’s kind of it. A few pairs of shoes and a few books. Whilst I will always dream of blenders, a far more efficient laptop, or a nice new hair straightener, I don’t really need those things. Not like I need the Elk wedges, anyway.

Oh, and one last thing – for stocking fillers, there’s always Pana.


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